About me

Landscapes and nature inspire some people to take photos, for me it’s people. The people I hold dearest to me are my family;

I love seeing the way they act with one another; the way they smile, laugh and play all along together.

Because of my love for photographing people, wedding photography was my favorite.

Weddings are amazing celebrations where family and friends come together. Wedding are full of fun, creativity and laughter. As a photographer, your role is to capture any moment of the day as they unfold, telling the story of what is actually happenning with images and sometimes even sound if you add video.

Steven and I got married in 2008, some of the best images of our wedding day come from when we were not aware of the camera and we were free to be ourselves. Every coupe should have these kind of photographs that tell the story of their wedding day. Pictures they’ll be able to enjoy for the next decades to come.

I’ve had the privilege of photographing many weddings around Canada and United-States. I’ve shot in Toronto, Québec, Victoria, Windsor, Hammilton, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, New-Jersey, Philadelphia, New-York City and many other cities & countries. I try do 1 destinations per month. I’ve shot civil ceremonies, Church ceremonies, Cathedral weddings, outdoor weddings, DIY weddings and rural barn weddings.