Jamie Lauren wedding photographer & online video editing services

I come from a very big family. There was always, somewhere in our family, in Canada or in the United-States, a cousin more or less distant who honored me to be their wedding photographer, my parents and I, would attend the marriage and I would take the pictures.

As long as I can remember, each spring corresponds to a blossoming of white dresses and costumes, smiles and emotions that multiplied during the summer, sometimes even to the threshold of winter … and that continues to this day!

To tell you the truth, I started by sticking to the basics of wedding photographers from the age of 5, fascinated by the high tech device cameras and the way in which the best photographers, often the most open, the most relaxed, would restore these unique moments. For me, these nice gentlemen were like aliens from Mars, these modern artists had with super powers: they fixed the moment, restored an atmosphere, put at ease the most stressed guests.

Thanks to their magic box, the newlyweds all seemed more beautiful than ever …

It is probably this strange interest that prompted my parents to give me, an old Intant polaroid.

At the marriages, I was always in the legs of the photographer, with my “immortalizer”, proudly showing my own pictures. Some of these professionals got fed up with me, others made me play the role of their apprentice, let me carry their material, and gave me stuff. I had agreed with my parents to “not disturb the photographer too much”, and to play games of my age. Not easy !

Acting like nothing, time passed, and photo became my passion, like many teenagers. Except that my favorite playground was marriages, so rich in subjects, so different from one another. One day, a cousin thought that entrusting me with the realization of her wedding photos would be a good idea.

After all, that’s what we’ve been doing for the last fifteen years. In all modesty, it even happened that I found my pictures better than those that came from the official wedding photographer … The transition came naturally.

I went “pro” … using my images that i made to be the privileged moments, wedding is a moment that I will under no circumstances photograph according to fixed rules, my wedding photos are never “clichés” of marriage.

Today, I have worked for more than 80 marriages. I am the pro I dreamed I would be.

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